Cloth Seam Brushes + 4K Alphas - ZBrush 4R8+ FREE

A set of 50 Cloth Seam Brushes and 4K Alphas, for use in ZBrush and any other sculpting software like Mudbox, 3dCoat etc. The Brushes and Alphas can be used as Cloth seams, scars, cuts, cracks etc.

**Due to Filesize limit by Artstation for Free products, I've added only PSDs in Free Download. You can add them to Brushes or you can download the other one which has all Brushes, JPEG, PNG and PSDs.


50 Brushes
4K Heightmaps / Alphas

Compatible with ZBrush 4R8 and Onwards

Downloadable from #ArtStationMarketplace

Enjoy Sculpting!

License Information: Commercial use of the assets is permitted but nothing can be included in a asset pack or sold at any sort of asset/resource marketplace and, must be embedded components in media such as a video game, movies, or similar products.

YOUTUBERS (APPLIED ON PERSONAL USE ONLY): You can use the brushes in your videos even if you earn money with the videos, only condition is that you mention where you got the brushes from and put the link in the description.

CREDIT AND INFORM (APPLIED ON PERSONAL USE ONLY): If you use them in your artwork, please credit me and leave a comment with a link to your art.

SUPPORT: Share it with more Artists! The more you share, the more free stuff I can do.

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License: Extended Commercial License
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